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p(rectangle)=2*(L+B) =2*(5+3) =16 L=length , B=breath p(rectangle)=2*(L+B) =2*(5+3) =16 L=length , B=breath

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Q: What is the perimeter of a 3ft wide and 5ft long rectangle?
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What is the area of a 10ft long 3ft wide rectangle?

A=L(W) A= 10(3) A= 30ft2

What is the perimeter of a 3ft by 8ft rectangle?

perimeter is the sum of all sides. 3+3+8+8 = 22 feet

What is the outer perimeter of the no slip surface of a 12ft by 15 ft swimming pool the no slip surface is 3ft wide?

If you extend the perimeter by 3 feet in each direction, you will get a new rectangle 18 ft by 21 ft with a perimeter of 78 feet (18+21+18+21 = 78)

What is the perimeter of a square whose sides are each 3ft long?


What is the perimeter of square that has 3ft by 1ft?

How is it a square if its 3ft by 1ft? The perimeter would be 7ft.

What is the area of a baby quilt that is 3ft wide with a perimeter of 16 feet?

It is: 5*3 = 15 square feet

How many square yards in an area 38 feet long by 20 feet wide?

Area of rectangle = 38ft x 20ft = 760ft2 1sq yd = 1yd x 1yd = 3ft x 3ft = 9ft2 760ft2 / 9 ~= 84.4 sq yds.

How do you find the perimeter of 3ft by 5 ft?

16ft..A perimeter is the distance around a shape. So if this is a 3 by 5ft rectangle , considering it has four sides, you add them all up so:3+3+5+5= 16so the perimeter is 16ft

How do you calculate a 2ft long 3ft wide door?

you multiply LXW

If the end zone of the football field is a rectangle 10 yards long and 160 feet wide. What is its area in square feet?

(10yds)(3ft/yd) 30ft. Area lengthXwidth 30ftX160ft 4800ft2

6ft wide 10ft long and 3ft deep how maney gallons is it?

1346 gallons

Allowing 3ft for a door how much baseboard will carlos need to go completely around a rectangular room that is 15ft long an 9ft wide?

Perimeter of a rectangle is 2(length + width) This problem 2(L+W)-3 2(15+9)-3 2x24-3 48-3 45 feet baseboard. Don't make a mistake cutting.