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(10yds)(3ft/yd) 30ft. Area lengthXwidth 30ftX160ft 4800ft2

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Q: If the end zone of the football field is a rectangle 10 yards long and 160 feet wide. What is its area in square feet?
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How many sq yards in a football field?

A football field is 5531.21 square yards.

What is the difference between an acre and football field?

An acre is slightly smaller than a football field. A football field, including the end zones, is about 1.32 acres. An acre is 4,480 square yards while a football field, including end zones is 6,408 square yards.

How many football fields equal 200 square meters?

None of them do. Every American (NFL) football field is 120 yards by 531/3 yards = 6,400 square yards = 5,351.2 square meters. (rounded) 200 square meters is about 0.0374 of one American football field.

Should a football field be measured in square miles or square yards?

Sq yds!

Would you use cubic meter or square yards to find the area of a football field?

Square yards. Cubic measure is for volume

If a football field is 100yd x 50yd how many square yards is it?


How many postage stamps would be required to cover a football field?

First, determine the area of a football field. Remember that the end zones are part of the area. Second, determine the area of a stamp. Third, make sure your units are the same. You will have to convert from square yards to square inches or from square inches to square yards. Last, divide the area of the football field by the area of the stamp. The result is the number of stamps required to cover the field. The area of any rectangle is the product of its length and width: A = l x w. There are 144 square inches per square foot, and nine square feet per square yard.

How many cubic yards of dirt is a football field?

None. Just build the baseball field where the dirt is already there.

Square kilometer area of a football field?

0.0000448056km2The length of a football field is 100 yards(300 feet) which is equal to 0.09144The width of a football field is 53.33 yards(160 feet) which is equal to 0.000490.09144 X 0.00049 = 0.0000448056

How many square yards in a football field?

there is 6399.9999999999999999999999999996 yards in a football field. That's 120 yards long and 53 1/3 wide

How many yards across a football field?

A football field across is 53.3 yards.

How big is the American football field?

the American football field is 100 yards by 50 yards.