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The sale price will be $37.10

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Q: What is the sale price of a sweater that cost 53 dollars but is 30 percent off?
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What is the sales price on a sweater that cost 40 and is 25 percent off?

The sale price is $30.00

Jeans that cost forty five dollars discounted by fourteen percent What is their sale price?

Jeans that cost forty five dollars discounted by fourteen percent What is their sale price?

A sweater is on sale for 15 percent off of its original priceif the sweater originally cost 47.60 how much is it sale price?

15 % of 47.60 would make the sale price $40.46.

How much does a sweater cost?

500 dollars

A sweater cost 25 I have a coupon for 20 percent off how much do I pay for the sweater?


What is the price of a bike helmet that cost 28 dollars but is 20 percent off?

The sale price is $22.40 + tax.

How much did a men's wool sweater cost?

A mens wool sweater costs 5 million dollars.

How much would it cost you if and item cost 148.00 dollars and was marked 25 percent off the price?

The sale price would be $111.00 + tax.

What would be the original cost to the store if the selling price was 63 dollars and the markup was 75 percent?

Mark up = 75%implies selling price = 175% of cost 175% = 63 dollars so 100% = 36 dollars.

Jeans cost 18 dollars on sell 40 percent is off the regular price how much does it cost regularly?

$30 right?

A sweater costs 35 the total cost of the sweater if sales tax of 5 percent is added is equal to?

35x1.05= 36.75

How much money for st patrick's intermediate uniforms?

well if your a girl for the striped skirt it costs around 63 dollars for the black skirt it costs about 43 dollars the white sweater cost about 25 dollars so does the green sweater and the pants cost about 30 dollars

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