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It can be a square, a trapezium, a quadrilateral or a triangle - depending on the inclination of the plane which defines the cross section.

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Q: What is the shape of the cross section in a square based pyramid?
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What is the name of a 2d square based pyramid?

You cannot have a 2d pyramid - whether or not it is square based. The 2d cross section will depend on the plane of the cross section.

Identify horizontal cross section of a square pyramid?

a square

How Do you make a cross section of a parallelogram from a pyramid?

It depends on the pyramid. If it is a square based pyramid, a horizontal plane will give a square cross section, a plane inclined by a rotation parallel to one of the base axes will give a rectangular cross section whereas a plane inclined by rotation along both basal axes will result in a parallelogram cross section. Not sure how you get a parallelogram from a pentagonal or hexagonal (etc) pyramid.

What shape would you have if you made a horizontal cross-section of a square pyramid?

a square

What 3d shape has the same cross section as a square?

The following are some shapes having a square cross section: a cube, a cuboid, a square pyramid.

What would the cross section of a square pyramid be?

Depending on the inclination of the plane used for the cross-section, it could be a square, rectangle, trapezium, triangle.

Which solid has a cross section with a maximum of 5 sides?

square pyramid

Is a hexahedron a prism?

Yes if it has a unified hexagonal cross-section

Is a pentagonal based pyramid a prism?

No because a pentagonal prism has a unified cross-section

Is it possible to create a square cross section?

Yes a prism can have a square cross-section

What is the cross section of a triangular pyramid?


What is the difference between the cross section of a pyramid and the cross section of a prism?

The cross section of a pyramid shrinks from the shape of the base down to a point as you move along its axis from the base to the apex. The cross section of a prism is constant along its axis.

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