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(15 x 6.75)/3 ie 33.75

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Q: What is the simple interest of 1500.00 for 4 months at 6.75 percent annual interest?
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What is the interest on 4000 at 3.5 percent annual interest for 1 year 6 months?


What does 2 percent monthly interest translate to in annual interest?

Multiply the monthly interest rate by the number of months is a year to calculate the annual interest rate: 2% x 12mo = 24%

How long will a 9000 investment take to earn 180 interest at an annual interest rate of 8 percent?

3 months

Calculate the simple interest on a loan of 18500 at 11 percent annual interest for 18 months?

18 months is 1.5 years, so you'll pay (1.5 x 11) = 16.5 percent of the principle at the end of that time. 16.5 % of 18,500 = (0.165 x 18,500) = $3,052.50

What is monthly interest rate if annual interest rate earned is 5 percent?

1/12th of 5% because there are 12 months in a year. ANSWER:- 1/60th per cent, which is the same as 0.01667 of the amount invested.

What is theSimple interst for 20000 20 percent for 6 months?

20% is the annual rate of interest. 10% will be paid after 1/2 year = 6 months 10% of 20,000 = 0.1 x 20,000 = $2,000

What does quarterly mean in compounded interest?

It means that the interest is paid out every three months (quarter year). That means that the interest paid out after 3 months is earning interest for the remaining nine months. The quarterly interest rate is such that this compounding is taken into account for the "headline" annual rate. As a result, if the quarterly interest is taken out, then the total interest earned in a year will be slightly less than the quoted annual rate.

3804 at 6.1 annual interest for 4 months?

232.04 = one year 77.35 = 4 months

How many months would it take to save 10300 at 4.2 percent compounded monthly with 110 monthly deposits?

Assuming the annual equivalent interest rate is 4.2%, it will take just over 81 months = 6 years + 9 months.

How many months will Rita pay in simple annual interest on a credit card that charges on her balance?

14 months

If you borrow 1000 at 7.5 percent interest for 12 months ch interest will you pay?


What is one months interest on a credit card with an annual rate 14.99 with a balance of 13000?