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Q: What is the surface area of 4ft by 2ft by 5ft box?
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What are 3 sets of base and height for parallelograms with area of 40 square units?

5ft*8ft, 4ft*10ft, and 2ft*20 ft

What is bigger 2ft x 5ft or 4ft x 10ft?

If you do the actual multiplications, you will find out soon.

Which of these can be used to completely cover the area of a 4ft x 8ft floor without cutting 2ft 3ft 4ft or 5ft square tiles?

Two and Four are both common denominators of Four and Eight, therefore either of these can be used. You would need only two 4ft square tiles or eight 2ft square tiles to cover the 4ft x 8ft floor.

How big is 20 sq feet?

If it was a 5ft by 4ft rectangle then it would be 20ft2. in fact you have a lot of options to make a 20ft2 surface for example: 10ft * 2ft = 20ft2 or 2*51/2ft * 2*51/2ft = 20ft2&etc you can solve your question by this equation x*y=20 then you can find one variable by choising other one y = 20/x If you give x you get y

How 12 in sq tiles would you need for an area 4ft X 5ft?

20 of them.

What is the surface of a box that is 3ft by 4ft by 5ft?

Surface area = 2*(3*4 + 4*5 + 5*3) = 2*(12 + 20 + 15) = 2*47 = 94 sq ft.

Find the perimeter 6ft 4ft 5ft 4ft 6ft 4ft 5ft 4ft?

6+4+5+4+6+4+5+4 = 12 + 10 + 16 = 38. 38ft.

How many cubic meter are there in 5ft by 4ft by 3ft?

5ft * 4ft * 3ft = 60 cubic ft = 1.699 cu metres

What is bigger 4ft or 60inches?

60 inches is bigger. 60in = 5ft 48in=4ft

If a box with a volume of 20 cubic feet is to be built what are the dimensions needed to build it?

2ft by 2ft by 5ft is a possibility

What is 5 ft 5in subtracted by 2ft 9 in?

The answer to the question of 5ft 5in- 2ft 9in is 8ft 2in

How big should a lintel be for a window opening of 4ft?