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12 + 24 + 18 = 54cm

(Or 0.54 metres)

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Q: What is the total length of 12cm 24cm and 18cm?
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What is the perimeter of the rectangle 24cm 18cm?

If that's its length and width then perimeter is: 24+18+24+18 = 84 cm

If the radius is 12cm what is the diameter?

The diameter is twice the radius and so it is 24cm

Retangler 24cm and 12cm what is the area of the paper?

There is no such word as retangler!A rectangle, with sides of length 24 cm and 12 cm has an area of 288 square cm.

A circle has a diameter of length 24cm what is the length of its radius?

12 cm

Two point charges are separated by 12cm the attractive force between them is 20N What is the attractive force when they are separated by 24cm?


What are the length of the sides of a rectangle that is 36 square centimeters?

There's no way to know that. The sides could be 1cm and 36cm 1.5cm and 24cm 1.8cm and 20cm 2cm and 18cm 2.4cm and 15cm 3cm and 12cm 3.6cm and 10cm 4cm and 9cm 4.5cm and 8cm 4.8cm and 7.5cm 5cm and 7.2cm 6cm all around and an infinite number of other possibilities. The area doesn't tell you the dimensions.

What are three rectangles with the length and width of 24cm?

The answer is 576cm.

What is the diagonal of a rectangle with width 10cm and length 24cm?

The diagonal is 26cm

What is the area of a regular hexagon with side length of 24cm?

1496.49 cm

The perimeter of a square is 24cm what is the length of one side?

Perimeter is merely the total of the sides. A square has four sides so in this instance each side is 6cm.

What is the length of 1 side of a square if its permeter is 24cm?

It is: 24/4 = 6 cm

How many 12X24 tiles will it take to cover 800 square feet?

It depends on the units used to measure the tile: 12inch*24inch, 12cm*24cm or some other, unspecified unit.

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