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v = pi r^2 h

That is the formula for the volume of a cylinder.

Therefore, the volume is

v = pi (4) ^ 2 * 12

v = 192pi

(That's the best form to leave the answer in, but if you want it as a number, multiply pi -about 3.14- by 192)

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Q: What is the total volume of a cylinder tank 12ft high with a 4ft radius?
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Volume = 2,111.15026 ft3

What is the volume of a sphere whose radius is 12ft?

The volume is 7,238.2 cubic feet.

How many cubic feet are in a cylinder 18.5 inch in dia and 33 inch long?

Volume of cylinder = {pi} x radius2 x height Volume = {pi} x (18.5in/2)2 x 33in ~= 8870.5 cu in 1in = 1/12ft 1cu in = 1in x 1in x 1in = 1/12ft x 1/12ft x 1/12ft = 1/1728cu ft 8870.5 cu in = 8870.5 x 1/1728 cu ft ~= 5.13 cu ft

What is the radius and circumference of a circle 12ft?

r = 6 ft C = ~37.7 ft

What is the volume of a pyraminf that the base is 34ft and 12ft tall?

Volume of a pyramid = 1/3*base area*height

How do you find the volume of a 12ft ball?

Volume of a ball or sphere measured in cubic units = 4/3*pi*radius3

12ft in diameter 24 ft in height find the volume?

I got: 2,712.96 cubed.

What is the volume of a 8ft x 12ft x 7ft Rect prism?

672 cubic feet

What is the volume if B equals 56 ft2 b equals and 12ft of a triangular prism?


Volume of water in a 12ft round by 30 inch deep pool?

"12 ft round" is not very clear; is 12 feet the radius, the diameter, or the circumference? After deciding that, convert all units to a common unit (convert all to feet, or all to inches), then use the formula for a cylinder, V = pi x radius2 x height.

What is the total area of a 6ft deck surrounding a pool 20ft long by 12ft wide?

Valerie is installing a 20ft by 12ft swimming pool surrounded by a 6ft deck. What is the total area of the deck?

What is the volume of a triangle that has a diameter of 12ft and height of 14ft?

triangles don't have volume or diameter, so I'm not sure what you're trying to ask.

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