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It is 58 per minute.

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Q: What is the unit rate of 348 in 6 minutes?
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What is the unit rate of 348 words in 6 minutes?

348/6 = 58 words per minute

What is the unit rate of 390 words in 6 minutes?

15 wpm

How to find the unit rate for one mile in 6 minutes?

Divide a mile by 6 minutes and we have 1 / 6 miles per minute

What is 6 miles in 2 hours as a unit rate?

6 mph over 2 hours is 3 miles an hour. Or 1 mile every 20 minutes. Not sure what is meant by a unit rate?

If the reina family drove 348 miles on the first day of their vacation in 6 hours at that rate how far will they travel in the next 9 hours?

The most important formula to memorize is: Distance = Rate (speed) x Time (hours or minutes, etc..) Therefore, the average rate on the first date can be calculated as follows: Rate = Distance / Speed 348 miles divided by 6 hours = 58 miles per hour. At that rate, a total of 58 miles times 9 hour = 522 miles can be driven by the family in the next 9 hours.

What is 6 divied by 348?

6 divided by 348 is ~0.0172413793103

What is the unit rate of 18 bowlers on 6 lanes?

18 divided by 6 = 3

What is the unit rate of 6?


What is the unit rate for 555 and 6?

It is 92.5 per unit.

What is 6 multiplied by 58?

6 x 58 = 348

What is the unit rate of 3 inches of snow in 6 hours?

The unit rate of 3 inches of snow in 6 hours would be 0.5 inches of snow per hour. This is calculated by dividing the total snowfall (3 inches) by the total time (6 hours).

What unit rate is 372 letters texted in 6 minutes?