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20 meters per second

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Q: What is the velocity of an object that moves at a distance of 200 meters in 10 seconds going right?
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What is the velocity of an object that travels 15 meters in 2 seconds?


How do you know a object's speed and velocity?

To determine the speed of an object, one has to know the distance the object has traveled (in meters) and the time it has taken for the object to travel that distance (in seconds). To calculate speed, take the distance traveled and divide it by the time. To determine velocity, simply take the speed and determine which direction the object was travelling.

How far does an object travel if its velocity is 25.5 meters per second north and it travels 85 seconds?

Distance = Velocity*Time = 25.5*85 metres = 2167.5 metres.

How do you calculate the velocity of a moving object?

The change in distance divided by change in time. So say it moved 10 meters in 5 seconds, it would be 2 meters per second.

What is the distance of an object that has an angular diameter of 100 seconds of arc and a linear diameter of 30 meters?

30 meters subtends 100 seconds of arc.I get a distance of 61,879 meters.

What is the velocity of a freely falling object 6 seconds after being dropped?

The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 meters/sec2 .After 6 seconds, the object's speed is (6 x 9.8) = 58.8 meters/sec .It's velocity is 58.8 meters per second downward.

Formula for pressure and velocity?

Pressure is defined as the amount of force exerted on an object (in Newtons) divided by the area over which the force is exerted (in meters). Velocity is defined as the displacement of an object (in meters) divided by the time interval over which the object was displaced (in seconds).

How do you compute the velocity of moving object?

You first need to acquire more data. Since Velocity is equal to Displacement traveled divided by Time (v=s/t) if you know the distance traveled by the object and the time it has taken the velocity can be computed. watch those units though. if your measuring in meters and timing in seconds your velocity will be in meters/second so this needs to be converted if you are looking for miles or kilometers/hour

How do you Determine the speed of an object that traveled 50 meters in 2 seconds?

Speed = (distance traveled) divided by (time to cover the distance) Speed = (50 meters) / (2 seconds) Speed = 50 meters per 2 seconds Speed = 25 meters per second

What is the rate at which an object covers distance?

That is called the velocity of the object. Velocity = Distance divided by Time taken.

What is rate at which an object covers distance?

That is called the velocity of the object. Velocity = Distance divided by Time taken.

How long will it take an object dropped from a window to fall a distance of 78.4 meters?

4 Seconds

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