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It depends on what size bathtub you have.

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Q: What is the volume of a half filled bathtub?
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How do you calculate volume of half filled conical vessel?

You simply calculate it like a cone, but the height of the cone is the height to the top of the FILLED part, not all the way. Half-filled is not enough information . . . there can be "half filled" meaning half the height of the cone, but can also be "half filled" meaning half the volume of the cone.

Mass of a bathtub filled with water?

About 550 pounds.

How many packets of jelly does it take to fill a bathtub?

Too many. It depends on the volume of the pool.

Why gas cylinder cannot be half filled?

Because a gas will expand to fill the other half. Gas has no defined volume. Liquids do.

How many liters of water get displaced in a bathtub?

That depends upon the volume of the object that is put into the water in the bathtub.

Is a bathtub filled with water 200 L or 200 mL?

200 L

What liquid unit is the best to describe a bathtub?

There is really no such thing as a "liquid" unit. The unit of measure is for the VOLUME of something. The best unit for measuring the volume of a human bathtub would be the "Litre".

A bathtub holds kiloliters?

A bathtub for people or 4-legged pets . . . definitely. A bathtub for small birds . . . not definitely, but most likely.

How many pineapples fit in a bathtub?

thirty six and a half.

How did Archimedes get the idea for his world famous law?

in his bathtub Archimedes filled the bathtub up with water and put a gold bar and saw that that made the water go up:)

Is most of an atom's volume is filled with matter?

No, it is filled with space.

Who sat in a bathtub said eureka and found a way to find volume?