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like terms

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Q: What is two or more terms that have the same variable raised to the same power?
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Two or more terms that have the same variable raised to the same power?

like terms

What is the answer to 1000000000x1000000000?

1000000000x1000000000 = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000In more useful terms, the answer is 10E18, or ten raised to the 18th power.

Is a number a variable or the product of a number and one or more variables raised to whole number powers?

The statement is true only if either the number is 0, or the variables are all raised to the power 0. In no other case can a variable involved.

What is a number variable or the product of a number and one more variables raised to whole number powers?

It is the integral power of the number or the product of the number and variable(s). there is no special name.

Does an equation have one true solution?

-- If the equation has only one variable (like 'x' or 'y'), and the only power of the variable anywhere in the equation is '1', then the equation has one solution. -- If the variable appears raised to powers higher than '1', then there are as many solutions as the highest power of the variable. -- If the equation has two or more variables, then there are an infinite number of solutions.

How do you identify the polynomials of degree one?

The degree of a polynomial is determined by the highest degree of the terms within it, and the degree of the terms is determined by the power of the variable and the amount of variables in it.For example, the term 3x has a degree of one, as does 5y. However when there is more than one variable you add the degrees together, so 4xy has a degree of 2, not 1. Any single variable to the 2nd power e.g. 8x2 also has a degree of 2.So a polynomial of one degree is a polynomial where each of its terms only have one variable to the first power so 5+x is to one degree, as is 1+2x+3y+4z despite having more than one variable in the expression.

How do you name polynomials?

There are 2 ways to name a polynomial: by its degree (the highest power) and by the number of terms it has. Some of the most common names based on degree are: constant (meaning there is no variable--5 or 23, for instance; you could also realize that the variable is being raised to the 0 power), linear (the variable is raised to the first power--3x), quadratic (x2), cubic (x3), quartic (x4), and quintic (x5). Keep in mind that these terms could have any coefficients and any number of terms, just be sure you name it based on the highest power (ex: 3x4 + 5x3 - 2x is a quartic polynomial, whereas 3x4 + 5x3 - 2x5 would be a quintic polynomial). To name a polynomial based on the number of terms, make sure you've simplified it by combining all like terms, then count them up. If the polynomial has: 1 term--monomial (mono- means 1; like a monorail) 2 terms--binomial (bi- means 2; like a bicycle) 3 terms--trinomial (tri- means 3; like a triangle) 4 or more terms--just call it a polynomial, unless your teacher gives you more names (poly- means many; like a polygon). Keep in mind that these terms will often be used together: 3x4 + 5x3 - 2x is a quartic trinomial. (You may be thinking that I was wrong above where I called this same example a quartic polynomial--that was also correct, since monomial, binomial, and trinomial are all just more specific names for a polynomial)

How many terms can a polynomial have?

As many as you like. The highest power of the variable in question (usually x) defines the degree of the polynomial. If the degree is n, the polynomial can have n+1 terms. (If there are more then the polynomial can be reduced.) But there is NO LIMIT to the value of n.

What is the definition of a degree of a monomial?

A degree of a monomial is simply what exponent or power the monomial is raised to. Key: ^ means "raised to the power of" -5t^2 means the degree is 2, the number is -5, and the variable which is being put to the power of, is t. the degree has a little trick, however. If there are three monomials or more, being added or subtracted, to make a polynomial, and each has a degree (lone variable has a degree of 1) and the monomial that has the highest degree represnts the whole polynomial's degree.

Is factoring 3 terms different if the polynomial has more than one variable?


What is the equivalent to R raised to the power of 4 and S raised to the power of 8?

R4S8, and there is nothing further that can be done without more information.

What is algebra expressions?

It is an expression of algebraic terms with no equality sign