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3[i think answer c

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answer a my bad

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Q: What number could replace x to make a true statement 3 4 5 6?
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What is the answer to 7t-12t 4t?

There is no possible number that 't' could be that would make that equation a true statement. It has no answer.

What number when substituted in an open sentence make a true statement?

Not if the statement is inexplicable in numerical terms, and not always when it is.

What number will make this statement correct 0.58?

We've ready the question carefully, and we're unable to find a statement.

How do you generate even numbers using do while statement?

1) to make a number even, multiply it by an even number. So you could use a randum number and double it.2) to test if a number if even, if ( i modulus 2 == 0 ) then it is even.

Why was tie-dye important in the 1960s?

You could do it yourself and make a statement - or a mess

What is the answer to 9x squared -10x plus 1?

[ 9x2 - 10x + 1 ] is not a question. If you were to turn it into a statement, by setting it equal to something, then you could ask us what number 'x' must be in order to make the statement true. But right now, it's only an expression that stands for some number, and in order to know what number, we'd first need to know what number 'x' is.

What is a number that can replace a variable to make an equation true?


A man was due to be executed he was told he could make a statement If the statement was true he'd be hung if it was false he'd be stoned what did he say?

He gave the statement "Tomorrow I shall be stoned" They let him go.

When dividing to find the number to make the statement true which do you divide first?

That depends on the specific situation. If you are solving an equation, and you divide one side by a certain number, you need to divide the other side by the same number.

Every natural number is an irrational number?

Close. But to make that statement correct, three letters must be deleted:Every natural number is a[n ir]rational number.

What statement can you make about the number of diagonals that can be drawn from one vertex in a polygon?

Number of sides minus two equals number of diagonals drawn from one vertex.

What is the answer to -1x equals 1?

The 'answer' is the number that 'x' must bein order to make the statement true.x = -1