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0.05 is closer to 0 than 0.5 is.

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Q: What number is closest to 0 0.05 or 0.5?
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What is the number closest in value to 0.2?

0.2 is the closest that you will get. The nearest integer, though, is 0.

What number is closest to 0 0.05 or 0.009?

the second one

Which integer is closest to 0 on the number line?

It is: 1 or -1

What is 37 over 1000 as a decimal?

Here's an easy trick to remember decimals:If a number is over 10 then the decimal will be .0 (5/10 = .5)If a number is over 100 then the decimal will be .00 (5/100 = .05)If a number is over 1000 then the decimal will be .000 and so on (5/1000 = .005)Based on that 37/1000 would be .037

What number is closest to the temperature 0 degrees kelvin in Fahrenheit?

0 kelvin = -459.67 degree Fahrenheit.

How do you order a number from least to greatest?

you put the number closest to 0 first and work your way higher

How do you '0' can insert before a numerical number in Microsoft Excel?

type '05 instead of 05 the ' tells excel that you want to enter a text, not a number Proud to be of service

Which integer below is closest to 0 on a number line?

It is -1 or 1 because they are both integers

What is least 0.19 0.17 0.1 or 0.24?

0.1 is the least number. it is closest to 0. 0.1 is the same as 0.10

What is 25.12 rounded to the nearest whole number?

25. the 12 is closest to 0 not 100 so it stays at 25

What fraction is closest to 0 on number line?

Rational numbers are infinitely dense and so there is no such number. If for example, you considered F1 to be the fraction that was closet to 0 then what about half that number? F2 = (F1)/2 is closer to 0. And then what about F3 = (F2)/2? This could go on for ever.

Is 0.07 closest to 0 or 1?

.07 is closer to 0.