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32 + 32

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Q: What numbers added together equal 64?
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What numbers when added together equal -16 but when multiplied equal 64?

-8 and -8

What numbers multiply to equal -420 but when added together their sum is 64?


What two numbers added together equal 100 and when subtracted equal 28?

They could be: 64 and 36 because 64+36 = 100 and 64-36 = 28

What is the probababilty of a spinner numbered 1 to 8 and spinned twice the numbers added together will equal 12?


What numbers that when multiplied equal 48 but then when added equal 16?


What two numbers when multiplied are equal to 64 when added equal to -20?


How do you factor x2 16x plus 64?

You factor the equation by determining what two numbers, when added, equal 16 and, when multiplied, equal 64. For this equation, the two numbers are 8 and 8. (x+8)*(x+8)=x2+16x+64.

Which three consecutive even numbers total 198 when added together?

64 + 66 + 68 = 198

What numbers multiply to equal 64?


What two prime numbers equal 64?

The sum of the prime numbers 11 and 53 equals 64.

What two numbers when added equal 6 and a half and when multiplied equal 64?

This problem actually has no solution. Any two numbers that will add to 6.5 will be too small to produce a multiple equal to 64. However, for problems like this in general, writing the question as a formula might help you solve it. 1. Assume the numbers are x and y. 2. Write two equations (two unknowns and two equations gives you enough information to solve). -The first part, "two numbers added equal 6.5" can be written as x + y = 6.5 -The second part, "two numbers multiplies equal 64" as xy = 64 3. Manipulate the equations to solve. For example: y = 64/x x + y = x + (64/x) = 6.5 4. Solve for x, and then use x to find y using either of the original formulas.

What 2 numbers can be multiplied to get 64?

These are the pairs of numbers that when multiplied are equal to 64: (1, 64) (2, 32) (4, 16) (8, 8)

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