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Q: What remainders are possible when you divide any number by 6?
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What are the possible remainders if you divide by 7?

Any non-negative number smaller than 7.

What remainders are possible when you divide a number by 6 by 4 by 9?

Any non-negative integer less than the number that you are dividing by.

What is the largest number that can divide 121 and 143 without any remainders?


How many are possible nonzero remainders by 3?

There are two possible nonzero remainders when dividing a number by 3: 1 and 2. Any nonzero integer can be divided by 3 resulting in either a remainder of 1 or 2.

What is largest prime number that can divide 325 and 221 without any remainders?

It is 13 because it is the HCF of 325 and 221

What are compatatible numbers?

Numbers that can easily divide into each other without any remainders. :)

How many possible remainders are there if 4 is the divisor?

Only 3 non-zero remainders.1, 2, and 3 are the only possible non-zero remainders since any number greater than or equal to the divisor could also be divided, to result in a new quotient. A remainder of zero, means that the dividend is divisible by the divisor (the divisor is a factor of the number)

What goes into -72?

Itself and any of its factors will divide evenly into -72 with no remainders.

What is the greatest possible whole number if you divide any number by's?

It is the number itself.

How can you get remainders of one or minus one when you divide an uneven integer by two?

Any uneven integer can be represented in the form 2n+1. When you divide this number by 2, you will get n with 1 remaining (either +1 or -1)

If you divide a whole number by three what is the largest possible for the remainder?

If you take any four consecutive numbers and divide them by 3, the remainders are as follows: 9/3 = 3 10/3 = 3 remainder 1 11/3 = 3 remainder 2 12/3 = 4 Therefore, the highest remainder you can have by dividing a whole number is 2.

Can 5651 be divided with no remainders?

Not by any integer; it is a prime number.