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It is -9

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Q: What two-thirds of a number is negative six?
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What percentage is twothirds?


Two thirds of a number is negative six what is the answer?

the answer to this question is negative nine....

How do you multiply negative four and negative six?

A negative multiplied by a negative always makes a positive number- so negative four times negative six is simply four times six, which equals twenty-four!

What are equivalent fractions of twothirds?

Multiply top and bottom by any number except zero - the same number for both - and you get an equivalent fraction.

Is negative six sevenths a whole number?


Is negative six a whole number?

Yes, it is.

Is negative six an whole number?

Yes, it is.

What is 33 minus the square of negative 6?

Since doing the subtraction is rather easy to do, am guessing you need help with the 'square' part of that. The square of a number is found by multiplying that number with itself. The square of negative six can be found by multiplying negative six with negative six. Negative six times negative six is positive thirty six. So, in other words, the square of negative six is positive thirty six. (It is a curious thing that the square of any real number is ALWAYS positive.) 33 minus the square of negative 6 is the same as 33 minus 36. You can do the subtraction!

What is six less than a number is negative fifteen in words?

In words, the same idea could be expressed as: "Six less than a number is negative fifteen".

What number divide by six is negative thirteen?


What is 66and twothirds percent of 12?


Doubling the quantity of a number decreased by six is less than negative thirty six?

2*(n-6) < -36n-6 < -18n < -12