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Q: What two mathematical operations that are opposites and can undo each other are called?
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What are mathematical operations that undo each other called?

Inverse operations, or reciprocals.

The distributive property combines?

Two mathematical operations. In arithmetical structures it is usually multiplication and addition (or subtraction), but in be other pairs of operators defined over a mathematical Field.

What is the math definition for symmetry?

a geometrical or other regularity that is possessed by a mathematical object and is characterized by the operations that leaves the object in variant:

What are two operations that undo each other called?

Two operations that undo each other are called inverse operations. Examples are addition and subtraction, or multiplication and division.

What are operations that undo each other called?

Inverse operations

The set of whole numbers and there opposites?

The question cannot be answered sensibly for two main reasons.First, the question mentions "there opposites" but does not specify WHERE the "there" refers to. Second, opposites are defined in the context of some operation. The opposite of 3 with respect to addition is -3 while the opposite with respect to multiplication is 1/3. There are other operations which will give yet more "opposites". There is no way of determining which one you mean.

What is the inverse of y equals 3x 9?

You need to spell out mathematical operations in your question, or they will come out as above, ambiguously. Use plus, minus, times, divided by, and any other operations you want in your equations.

What does parentheses in a mathematical equation means?

Parentheses in an equation tell you that you must perform that operation before any other operations, regardless of what operation that may be.

What do you call it when you place opposites next to each other in a sentence eg bitter sweet?

Placing opposites next to each other in a sentence is called an oxymoron. Oxymorons create a contrast or paradox to emphasize a point or create a heightened effect in writing.

What is a set of number that follows a pattern called?

A set of numbers that follows a specific rule or sequence is called a sequence. This sequence can involve arithmetic operations, geometric progressions, or other mathematical patterns.

Functions of airthmetic and loigical unit?

The ALU handles most of the mathematical processes - addition and subtraction (and sometimes multiplication and division) and comparison operations - and, or, not, xor, and a few other things.

Is a expression the number multiplied to a variable?

An expression can be that, but it can also be a combination of such terms and other mathematical operations. For example, 3a + 27b^2/sin(27c) provided c is not 0.