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Geometry--it is all about the angles that you plan your shots

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Q: What type of math can be used in pool the game on a table?
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Name a game that has a specific type of table?

Pool Poker Ping Pong Chess Monopoly Roulette

What are the different type of pool games that one can play on a pool table?

There are many pool games that can be played on a pool table. Some pool table games include eight-ball, nine-ball, three-ball, one-pocket, and bank pool.

Games with a specific type of table?

foosball, ping pong, pool

Where can a Harley Davidson pool table be purchased?

You can purchase a Harley Davidson pool table online from stores such as Sears. Once on the website, type "Harley Davidson 8ft Radical Flames Pool Table" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the item.

How much per square foot does your floor have to hold for a pool table?

For most "game room" pool tables of the big box store type (the $500 range), whatever your current flooring is, it will be adequate. For a professional level pool table with a true slate top, you are still probably OK, but if your house is very old, check with a contractor first. The slate bed alone weighs over 300 pounds, not to mention the rest of the table.

Where is the best place to purchase a wooden chess table?

It depends on what type of game table... Like the best place to buy a air hocky table is kmart and it also includes thing like pool and stuff. but if u only want a pool table go to walmart or kmart and places like that.

What type of stores sell pool table lights at reasonable prices?

Pool table lights can be found at many retailers, including Walmart and Best Buy. The best prices are likely to be found at online retailers such as eBay or Craigslist.

What is a 75 slate core play bed on pool table?

This is a fancy name used to sell a 3/4 inch synthetic pool table surface that has enough slate inside of it so that they can say the word slate legally. This type of surface is not similar to a true slate pool table and will not provide a level playing surface over time.

How do you do a function notation for values in a table?

my daughter has a problem in her math which she has a table of numbers with x on top and f(x) below and numbers beside each one is -3 for x and 27 for f(x) can you answer this i do not know anything about this type of math

How do you remove Pool Table Felt scratches My daughters friend took a cue and scratched a starburst design into the felt of my pool table. How do I remove the damage?

Most likely the felt is permanently damaged. Go to your local billiards pro shop, or online, and purchase pool table cleaner. If the marks are superficial, a proper cleaning may get rid of them. However, pool table felt is not woven like the fabric used in clothing and can be damaged easily - how easily depends upon the brand and type of felt.

What type of math do scientist use to analyze math?

They use graphs or scientific maths to analyze data. (pie graph, chart, table,circle) But in the end. they all use statistics.

What type of math is used on game creating?

Binary is used, Sean Wawoniss says so