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If linear dimensions are increased by a certain factor, the volume will increase by that same factor, raised to the third power - so, in this case, 3 to the power 3.

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It increases 27-fold.

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Q: When all dimensions are tripled what happens to the volume?
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How does a volume of a rectangular prism change if the length is tripled?

If only the length is changed and all other dimensions left unchanged, the volume will also triple.

If all dimensions of a shape are tripled what is the perimeter multiplied by?


If all dimensions of a shape are tripled what is the area multiplied by?

It is multiplied by nine.

What is the dimension of volume?

The volume of an object has three dimensions and when all three dimensions are multiplied together the product is called the volume which is measured in cubic units.

What are the dimensions of a 1.2 cubic foot box in inches?

You can't tell the dimensions from the volume. There are an infinite number of different sets of dimensions that all have the same volume.

What happens to the surface area and volume when all the dimensions of a three-dimensional solid is doubled?

The new area is 22 = 4 times the original area. The new volume is 23 = 8 times the original volume.

How does the total surface area of a box change if 1the demension is doubled 2the demansion is tripled?

The effect on the total surface area of one dimension being doubled or tripled cannot be calculated. You either need to know all three dimensions or all three dimensions must be doubled, not just one dimension (or demension / demansion as you call them).

How do you find the dimensions of a cube given the volume?

Volume = length X width X height. Therefore, take the cube root of the volume to find all the dimensions

If all dimensions of a shape are quadrupled what is the volume multiplied by?


What volume is 13x12x7.5?

If those dimensions are all in the same unit, then the volume is 1,170 cubic ones.

If all the dimensions of a one liter bottle are tripled what is the volume of the new bottle?

27 litres If the current volume is calculated by the formula Π multiplied by r2 multiplied by h Then the new volume will be calculated by Π multiplied by (3r)2 multiplied by 3h As (3r)2 = 9(r)2, then the two changes to the formula are that it has been multiplied by 9 and by 3, and that equals a 27-fold increase.

Can a tape measure be used to measure the volume of something?

Yes. You can find the dimensions of the object (Assuming the dimensions are measurable) and calculate its volume in centimeters cubed.