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Mode: Data are qualitative or categoric.

Median: Quantitative data with outliers - particularly if the distribution is skew.

Mean: Quantitative data without outliers, or else approx symmetrical.

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Q: When is each measure of central tendency most useful?
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Why measure of central tendency and measure of dispersion are complementary to each other?

for answer study the handouts of STA 301 of vu.

Which measure of central tendency best describes each situation?

by getting the mean and multiply by the median

Which measure of central tendency is generally used in determining the site of the most in demand shoes?

In fact, there are usually several measures of central tendency used: each of them is a median but these are calculated separately for men, for women, for boys, girls, toddlers and babies.

What is the mode if each number occurs only once?

There is no mode. One of the weaknesses of mode, as a measure of central tendency, is that there may be none, one or many modes.

What shows the values that a variable can take and the number of observations associated with each value?

measure of central tendency...Updating previous answer by prior responder...I believe the more accurate answer is a frequency distribution.

If a circle is divided into 5 sections by 5 radii and each of the central angles formed are of equal measure what is the measure of each central angle?

72 degrees 72 degrees

What is the measure of each central angle of a circle divided into thirds?


What is the measure of each central angle of a quadrilateral?

That depends on the quadrilateral. They will not all have the same measure. Even rectangles will not all have the same central angle measures.

Why are mode median range and mean considered tendency?

Mode is the number that occurs most often in a set of data. It is considered an indication of central tendency, because in normally distributed data, the numbers that occur most often tend to be in the center of the data. Mean is the sum of all values divided by the number of values. It is a measure of central tendency, because it is a way of calculating the average value. Median is the number that has equal number of values on each side of it when the values are ordered, or the mean of the two values that have equal values on either side if the number of values is even. It is also a way of saying what is the central tendency. Range is the largest value minus the smallest value. It is a measure of how closely grouped the data is.

What is the measure of a central angle for a regular polygon?

Each central angle is (360) divided by (number of sides in the polygon).

What is the measure of a central angle of a regular 12 sided polygon?

Each side subtends a central angle of 30 degrees.

What is central tendency of a data?

The term central tendency refers to the middle value or a typical value of the data. It is measured using the mean, median, or mode of the data. Each of these processes is found using different methods, and the one that should be used depends on the situation. I truly hope this helps.

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