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Q: When making decision asking others for advice is not a recommended strategy true or false?
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Some ways in asking for advice?

Telling people your problems and asking what they would do.

We look forward from your advice?

The expression uses " to " not "from".A polite way of asking for advice.

What is grandfather advice about asking question?

ochupar pitΒΏ

What were the tasks of history of mentalities?

Try asking your psychologist instead of asking online people for advice

What is the novel strategy to popularize environmental causes was introduced in 2008. Identify the strategy.?

Online Games

What reading strategy should Karen use if she wants to find the answer?

Asking questions

How do you detect Swine Flu?

by goin to your doctor and asking him for advice

Can users still block questions when they have been recommended?

You can't be recommended until you register so not sure what you are asking.

Where can one get advice on how to repair a photocopier?

One can get advice on how to repair a photocopier from looking at various articles online or by telephoning or entering a computer store and asking for advice.

I want free advice not your scam?

Not sure what you are asking, please be clearer.

What is advice verbs?

Advisory verbs are verbs that signal advice or suggestion in a sentence, such as "recommend," "suggest," "advise," or "urge." They are used to indicate that the speaker is providing guidance or counsel on a particular matter.

How can you get advice on this situation?

You can get advice on almost any situation by asking an expert. You might talk with a psychiatrist, a police officer, a clergy person, or even your parents in order to get advice.