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There is an easy way to remember is: (X, Y) or across then up

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Q: When you graph do you go up or across first?
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When plotting coordinates on a graph which direction do you move first?

across Good way to remember it, along the corridor then up the stairs.

What are the 2 names for the bar graph axises?

x is across y is up

How do you graph points?

To graph points, use rise over run and go up and over on the graph

When you do a graph do you go up or over first?

Over. I always remembered it by saying the phrase, " Go OVER to your friends house, and upstairs to play," .

When finding a location or writing a location always begin here?

When writing down a location on a map always use the horizontal co-ordinates first (the x axis on a graph). Then write down the vertical co-ordinates (the y axis on a graph). Remember it by thinking "To climb a tree you have to first walk across the field." That is, first walk the horizontal distance (across the field), and then climb up the vertical distance (up the tree).

Does your graph not go up in a perfectly straight line?

No, it does not.

Which way to rows go?


How do you graph y equals 4 x-7?


What are the axis of a bar graph called?

Y axis going up; and X axis going across.

What is an x and a y value that is a point on a graph?

The x value represents the line going up and down on a graph. The y axis represents the line going side to sdie of the graph. An example is (3, -2) the x value is the 3. that means you go across (the side to side line) to the third point and put your dot there. the -2 is the y value. then you go to the line pointing up and down and go down two spots from the middle where the lines meet.

Do latitude lines go up and down or across?

Latitude lines go -------- (across) And Longitude goes | | | (up & down)

Does length go up an down or straight across?

Straight across