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To the left of number 1.

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Q: Where would -7 be on the number line?
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What is the relationship between 7 and -7 on a number line?


What does the fraction number line look like?

The fraction number line (its more sophisticated name is "Rational Number Line") looks like an ordinary straight line, but each submicroscopic point on the line represents a number which can be represented as a fraction of two integers. The number "zero" stands at the center of the line, and there are an infinite number of points in the line. No matter how close together two fractions are, there are an infinite number of fractions between them. A number line is a strictly theoretical concept. It really isn't possible to draw more than an extremely limited example of a number line, since there is no limit to the number of points on a number line. Here's a very primitive fraction number line, showing only halves: -7/2 ... -3 ... -5/2 ... -2 ... -3/2 ... -1 ... -1/2 ... 0 ... 1/2 ... 1 ... 3/2 ... 2 ... 5/2 ... 3 ... 7/2 And an only slightly more intricate line showing only sevenths: -6/7 ... -5/7 ... -4/7 ... -3/7 ... -2/7 ... -1/7 ... 0 ... 1/7 ... 2/7 ... 3/7 ... 4/7 ... 5/7 ... 6/7

What two numbers are 7 units from 0 on a number line?

+7 and -7.

What is the number ontop of the line in a fraction called?

The number above the line in a fraction is called the numerator. The number below the line is called the denominator. So in the fraction 5/7 5 is the numerator and 7 is the denominator.

On a number line 8.9 is between 7 and 8.?

No it isn't. 8 would be between the other two numbers.

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Where would the absolute value of -7 be on the number line?

The absolute value of -7 is 7

What number could be 7 and 9 over 10 on a number line?

The number would be 7.9 on a number line. What you can do to find this number is go to the spot on the number line that says 7 and 8. Cut the number line between 7 and 8 into 10 pieces. Then count to the ninth peice and this is 7.9

What are some negative number on a number line for 7?


How do you Write a mixed number equivalent on a number line?

Lets say your number us 6 7/12. Make a number line like so |-----------------------------|---------|----------------| 0----------------------------6--------7----------------10 Measure between 6 and 7 and make 12 equal sections out of it. |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| 6----------------------7 And on the 7th line from 6, it would equal 6 7/12!

How do you write 6 over 7 on a number line?

6/7 is less than one on the number line.

Which is greater on a number line 0 or 7?


What is 7 units to the right on a number line?


Which number would be to the right of 7 and nine tenths on a number line is it 7 and ten twelfths or 7 and seven eighths or 7 and twenty-five thirtieths or 7 and ten elevenths?

Seven and ten elevenths.

Plot the points 7 8.5 and on a real number line?

where is 8.5 on a number line

What is the relationship between 7 and -7 on a number line?


What does multiply line 7 by 9 mean?

Multiply whatever number is on line 7 by 9.

How do you find root 7 on number line?

To visualise √7 on a number line you'd have to approximate it - √7 is in exact (surd) form as it is not a whole number. The approximation or decimal form of √7 is roughly 2.65. Or if you prefer, 2.6457513110645905905016157536393. So on a number line, place it between 2 and 3.

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