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C. whole numbers can be negative and don't match the other sets

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Q: Which of the following is not the same set of numbers A) counting numbers (B) positive integers (C) whole numbers (D) natural numbers?
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What is another name for the set of counting numbers?

positive integers

Are natural numbers counting numbers and positive numbers different names for the same set of numbers?

Natural numbers are the same as counting numbers, but the term positive numbers means something else. Natural or counting numbers are positive integers, but the category of positive numbers includes both integers and fractions, as long as they are greater than zero.

What are counting or natural numbers?

Counting numbers are the positive integers: 1, 2, 3, and so on. Natural numbers are the counting numbers along with the number 0.

What set of real numbers includes positive integers but not negative or zero?

The set of Counting Numbers or Natural Numbersincludes positive integers but not negative integers or zero.The set is 1,2,3,4,5,6....and so on.

Can a number be both natural and irrational?

No. "Natural" numbers are the counting numbers, otherwise known as the positive integers. They are all rational.

When do you use positive integers?

The set of natural numbers (counting numbers) {1,2,3,4....} corresponds to the positive integers. Note that the number 0 is neither positive nor negative. So anytime you want to count something you use natural numbers, which means you are also using positive integers.

What are whole numbers greater than 0 called?

Counting numbers, positive integers, natural numbers.

What is the difference between the set of whole numbers and the sets of counting numbers?

The set of counting (natural) numbers is the set of all positive integers, while the set of whole numbers is the set of all positive integers included zero.

What are natural numbers and their examples?

Natural numbers are positive integers, also known as counting numbers. Some examples are 3, 4, 4359.

Is positive integers belong to natural numbers?

Positive integers are (not is!) a proper subset of natural numbers. The natural numbers comprise positive integers and zero.

What integers do you use for counting?

The natural numbers.

What are the positive counting numbers known as?

These are also known as natural numbers or positive integers. Note: some authors consider zero to be a natural number and one can make a good case for this position.