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Q: Which Platonic solid has four faces that are equilateral triangles?
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Platonic solid has eight faces that are equilateral triangles?

It is a regular octahedron.

What has 8 congruent equilateral triangles as faces and 6 vertices?

A solid with 8 faces is an octahedron.As all faces are the same it is a regular octahedron.As such it is one of the five platonic solids - the only five 3D objects that can be regular: the tetrahedron (4 equilateral triangles for the faces), the hexahedron (usually called a cube with 6 square faces), the octahedron (as asked, 8 equilateral triangles for the faces), dodecahedron (12 regular pentagons as faces), icosahedron (20 equilateral triangles as faces).

What are the three types of polygons that can be the faces of a Platonic solid?

The polygons are the equilateral triangle, the square, and the regular pentagon. The faces of these platonic solids are made from the following polygons: tetrahedron - 4 triangles cube - 6 squares octahedron - 8 triangles dodecahedron - 12 pentagons icosahedron - 20 triangles

What are the three type of polygons that can be a platonic solid?

Equilateral triangles, squares, regular pentagons.

Other than squares the polygons that can be the face of a Platonic solid are and?

equilateral triangles and regular pentagons

What shape has 8 congruent equilateral triangles as faces and 6 vertices?

The Platonic solid known as an octahedron would fit the given description

What solid has 4 faces which all are equilateral triangles?

It is a tetrahedron pyramid

What makes a solid a regular platonic solid?

A Platonic solid is a solid all of whose face are regular and congruent polygons.There are five of these:A Tetrahedron. Four faces, each an equilateral triangle.Ad InfoA Hexahedron (Cube). Six faces, each a square.An Octahedron. Eight faces, each an equilateral triangle.A Dodecahedron. Twelve faces, each a regular pentagon.An Icosahedron. Twenty faces, each an equilateral triangle.

Name a solid that has 4 faces all of which are equilateral triangles?

A tetrahedron

What octahedron triangle for all their faces?

A regular octahedron is a Platonic solid with equilateral triangles for each of the faces. A heptagonal pyramid is an octahedron with one heptagon (a seven sided figure) as its base and 7 triangles, one attached to each side, meeting at the either vertex.

What is an octahendron?

Well a Regular Octahendron is simply a platonic solid composed of 8 equilateral triangles, four of which meet at each vertex.

What are the three types of polygons that can be faces of a platonic solid?

triangles, squares and pentagons.

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