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If you mean: 8.080 8.088 and 0.888 then it is 8.088 that has the greatest value

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Q: Which decimal has the greatest value in 8.0808.0880.888?
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Which decimal place has the greatest value?

After the decimal point, the first place has the greatest value,and there's no such thing as the smallest one.Before the decimal point, the first place has the smallest value,and there's no such thing as the greatest one.

What is the place greatest value of decimal?

There is none.

What is greatest place value of decimal?

There is no limit.

What is the greatest place value of a decimal?

10 th place

What is greatest a fraction or a decimal?

There is no greatest fraction nor a greatest decimal.

What decimal has the largest value between these decimals- .3 .2367 .845 or .58?

0.845 has the greatest value, because the first digit after the decimal point, eight, has greater value than 3, 2, and 5. The first number after the decimal point determines the value of the number as opposed to other decimal numbers.

Which number has greatest value 2.3 3.001 3.03 2.9 3.5 2.999 3.5001 3.49?

First of all we should look at the integer which is at the left side of decimal point and by comparing the integers we can find which is the greatest one. If integers on the left side of decimal point are same then we should compare the digits after the decimal point. Clearly, 3.5001 has the greatest value.

What is the greatest place value in 14092?

As there is no decimal point, it is "hiding" after the last digit, the 2 (which is in the ones column) The greatest place value column that is used is occupied by the 1 which is 5 to the left of the decimal point → the 1 is 1 × 10⁵⁻¹ = 1 × 10⁴ = 10,000 (ten thousand)

Which decimal has the greatest value 8.0808.080.888?

It is difficult to say because they are set out too close together with no gaps to tell what is what.

What is the greatest number that rounds to 890 when rounding to the nearest ten?

If you are talking about whole numbers, then it is 889. If it is a decimal value, then there is no answer.

What is the value of a number after a decimal?

the place value after a decimal point is tenths

What is the decimal value of 115.9 percent?

decimal value of 115.9 percent is 1.159.

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