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12.5 - 0.32 + C x B

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Q: Which expression correctly shows the difference of 12.5 and 0.32 added to the product of C and B?
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When is sum of product expression equals product of sum expression?

It is when the answer, when 2 things are multiplied, is the same as when they are added. For instance, 2*2=2+2

What is the expression the product of two and a number p added to 7?

2p + 7

The algebraic expression of the product of 11 and a number added to 13?


When a number and 15 is added to the product?

If the number is n, and the product is of the numbers p and q, the expression is p*q + (n + 15) : the parentheses are not necessary.

How do you write this variable expression The sum of one and a number added to the product of seventeen and a number?


What is the expression for the sum of thirteen and a number added to the product of seven and the number?

It is: 13+x+7x or as 13+8x

What is the numerical expression that matches the product of -5 and 3 added to 2?

-5 x 3 + 2 = -13

What is value added?

Added Value means the difference between the selling price of a product and the cost of the materials and components bought in to make it.

What is the numerical expression of eight added to the product of five three?

8+(3*3*3*3*3)=8+243=251. :D

What is the difference between cereal and a cereal product?

Cereal is made of pure cereal and cereal products have added nutrients

What is the expression for the product of 4 and 4 added to double the number 5?

(4 x 4) + (2 x 5)

Which expression simplifies to 24?

There are infinitely many expressions that simplify to any particular number; for example: any two numbers which, when added, give 24, any two numbers whose difference is 24, any two numbers whose product is 24, etc.

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