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Q: Which graph best represents bonni's position from the base after she finish counting?
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When using the two second rule if you reach the mark before you finish counting one thousand two you?

you are following to closely

Is finished a noun?

Yes, the word finish is a noun (finish, finishes) and a verb (finish, finishes, finished, finishing). The word finish is also used as an adjective.Examples:Noun: At the finish, the hero gets the girl.Noun: Your new counter top has a nice finish.Verb: Please finish the dishes before you go out.Adjective: I'll be waiting for you at the finish line.

Is finish a verb?


Opposite of finish?


How do you resolve the 36 cube puzzle?

How to solve the 36 cube. First find the 6 piece and the 5 piece that are different (slightly) look inside at the middle. On mine it is orange 6 and yellow 5. Now orient the cube up. To find up the 3rd row has the 3rd position and the 5th position interchangeable with the key pieces you found. This 3rd row is your key! The 6 orange goes in the 3rd position and the yellow goes in the 5th position. Now fill in the orange with the diagonal toward the lower right corner using 3 oranges total. The bottom row has the orange in the left corner. Row 1 has orange in the position 2. Row 2 has orange in position 6. Orange is done. The yellow Key 5 is in the 5th position. Going on a diagonal toward the lower right corner add the yellow in the 4th row 6th position.. From the upper left corner going on a diagonal now meet up with the orange partial row. The row 5 has yellow in position 3 and the row 6 has the yellow in position 4. Yellow and orange should be done. Starting in position 4 in row 1 go diagonal to row 4 position 1 with the color of your choice. Now at row 5 position 6 and row 6 position 5. Fill in the blocks. The puzzle is ½ done. Now starting in your key row 3 position 4 go on a diagonal to upper right corner with a color of you choice Row 5 position 1 ,and row 4 position 2. Finish off that color with row six position 3. 2/3 done The other 2 colors have random pattern. Row 1 position 5, row 2 position 1, row 3 position 6, row 4 position 3, row 5 position 4, row 6 position 2. Put the remaining where they fit. Done. After memorizing the pattern you can solve in less than 5 minutes.

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The winner of an automobile race often β€œgets the checkered flag” to indicate the first place finish. In the diagram, ABCD represents the waving of the flag and A''B ''C ''D '' is the final position of the flag?


A 6 letter word 235 letter represents soap name 456 represents finish 246 is a color who are you?


In what position did the blues finish in their first premiership season?


When using the two second rule if you reach the mark before you finish counting one thousand two you?

you are following to closely

How do you convert a number int a scientific number?

To convert a number to scientific notation do as follows: 5800000 = 5.8 x 10^6 Put a decimal between the first and second number then from that second number count to the right. The number you have when you finish counting is the number that is in the power position.

What is Have no end of misgivings?

To have "no end" of something means to have a great deal of it, as if it were so much that one could never finish counting or measuring it.

In what position did the Chicago Bulls finish in the 2005-2006 Eastern Conference Standings?


When using the two-second rule if you reach the mark before you finish counting one thousand two you?

you are following to closely right out of the dmv book

Where did Cardiff city finish in the 08-09 season?

7th position in the Coca Cola Championship.

Is it true were going to die in 2012?

No it is not true. Why do people say that? Because The Calender Stops then. Why It's not true?? Well Finish reading this and you will find out. The Mayans invented the Calender we use today. They couldn't keep counting forever and it just so happens that they stopped counting at 2012. If you don't believe me then well It's silly if you don't cause They had to stop counting at some point or they would be counting for their whole lives.

How many times is holy spirit spirit or spirit of God mentioned in the book of Acts?

I haven't finish counting yet but I wil get back with you later. Mullen

If you are running in a race and you passed the person in second place what place are you in?

If you "over take" a person in any position/place, you obviously finish in that person's position/place. You finish in Second.