Who discovered proportions?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A proportion is an equation in which two rations are equal. The divine proportion was discovered by the ancient Greeks.

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Q: Who discovered proportions?
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Who discovered law of constant proportions?

A scientist named proust discovered it in 1779 A.D.

'Law of multiple Proportion was discovered by whom?

The Law of Multiple Proportions was proposed by John Dalton.

What year did Joseph Proust make the law of definite proportions?

In was in 1799 that Joseph Proust discovered the law of definite proportions, or Proust's Law. Proust was a French chemist.

How did gregor Mendel learn about inheritance of traits?

He didn't learn about it, he discovered it. He grew lots and lots of pea plants and found that the inheritance of traits had numeric proportions.

What was Antoine Lavoisier important discovery?

He discovered that the phlogiston theory was incorrect, and recognized and named oxygen and hydrogen. He accepted that sulfur is an element, had contributions to metric system, established a list of chemical elements, discovered that diamond is a form of carbon, discovered that water is formed from oxygen and hydrogen, etc.He proposed independently (he had any knowledge of Lomonosov works) the law of mass conservation.Joseph Proust is credited with the discovery of the Law of definite proportions.

What is similar about scale factor and proportions?

proportions are used in scale factors; scale factors ARE proportions

Can you use satiric in a sentence?

Comics are often used for satiric purposes.

How do you name the cross products of proportions?

They are other proportions.

What is the definition of different proportions?

Proportions of differing proportionality

What are HD video proportions?

HD video proportions are 1024x720 :)

What can you use to measure proportions?

you can use scale model to measure proportions

Who discovered Law of Definite Proportions?

He combined elements such as iron and copper with oxygen, based off the reaction he found that oxygen's composition was always one of two.