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Marbles are made different colors just to look cool.

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2009-02-20 18:58:43
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Q: Why are marbles different colors?
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How many different color combinations are there if you pick three out of six marbles and all six marbles are different colors?


A bag contains 10 marbles of different colors how many possible color combinations with 3 random marbles?


A bag contains 3 red 4 white and 5 blue marbles When two marbles are drawn simultaneously what is the probability that they are different colors?

it is 5

What are the rules for different games of marbles?

Marbles is one of the first games ever played. There are different rules in different parts of the world, but in general people try to roll or throw their marbles to knock other marbles out of place.

A bag contains 5 red marbles 3 blue marbles and 2 green marbles What is the probability of pulling out two different color marbles?


Why are some marbles streaked with colors?

The streaks produced in marbles are a product of the impurities present in the sedimentary carbonate rocks such as silt durring metamorphisis.

In a bag there are 32 red marbles and 32 green how many marbles would you have to remove to ensure you got two different marbles?


Does marble have streaks and what color?

Marbles do have streaks from impurities durring metamorphisis, and they are of various colors

What would make the volume of 3 identical marbles different?

If the marbles are identical, the volume is the same. If you want, you can use different units and it looks like the volume is different.

How do you find probability using 4 colors of marbles?

The answer depends on the probability of WHICH event you want to find!

Does anyone know anything about collecting old marbles?

Want to find out the value of your marbles? There are plenty of web information about all types of old marbles, especially in the Antique Marble and Price Guide, which also has information about the different companies that made marbles, and how they did it. I also found a website with instructions on making marbles. Antique Marble and Price GuideJanes Marble CollectionAntique Marbles CollectionCollectable Marbles *

Does current have different colors?

no, current did not have different colors

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