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Rectangular prisms are efficient shapes for packing into boxes from shipping.

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Q: Why are milk cartons shaped rectangular prism?
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What is a collective noun for cartons of milk?

There is no specific collective noun for cartons of milk, in which case, a noun suitable for the context of the sentence is used, for example a shelf of cartons of milk, a row of cartons of milk, etc.

Are milk cartons made of biodegradable materials?

Older milk cartons were not made of biodegradable materials. The newest milk cartons that are produced are made of biodegradable materials.

Are milk cartons to be put in paper or plastic?

milk cartons can be put into paper or plastic. Either one is fine.

Why are milk cartons important?

Milk stays fresh longer in cartons, over see-through containers which means it tastes better, for longer... Cartons are also more eco-friendly as opposed to plastic jugs. The down side is cartons are more expensive.

Are milk cartons recyclable?


Where is milk put into bottles or cartons?


What happens to the milk after the milk leaves the cow?

they put it into cartons at the store!

What are the lyrics to the 70s milk jingle Anytimes the right time for a glass of milk?

100 cartons of milk on the wall 100 cartons of milk take one down open the spout drinkity drink til the milk runs out.

How many half gallon cartons of milk equals one gallon?

Two x half gallon cartons is equal to one gallon.

What type of plastic are milk cartons made of?


Where can One find History on Milk Cartons?

Ideafinder is an online site that informs readers of certain historical facts. The history of milk cartons is an article that is featured on the site.

How do you package goats milk?

Most goats milk sold in the UK is packaged in cartons.