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why is a cube a speacial kind of rectangular prism

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Q: Why is a cube a speacial kind of rectagular prism?
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What is the cube and rectagular prism the same?

A cube is a special kind of rectangular prism.

What is the difference between a cube and a prism?

A cube is a special kind of prism.

How many bases does a rectangular cube have?

A rectangular cube (a cuboid) is a kind of prism and, by convention, prisms have two bases.

Why is a cube a special kind of rectangular prism?

because every square is a rectangle.

What kind of prism can have square bases?

A cube or a cuboid. A cuboid is just a stretched out cube - in the same way that a rectangle is a stretched out square.

Bases of a prism?

it depends what kind of a prism you are talking about but it has two !!!

Which solids have only flat faces?

Any kind of cube, prism, or pyramid (other than a circular prism a.k.a a cylinder or a circular pyramid a.k.a. a cone)

How many faces do a prism have?

What kind of prism is it

What kind of prism has 8 edges?

Octagonal prism.

What shape is the base of a prism?

depends on what kind of prism.

What would you use to get the volume of an ice cube?

If the ice cube in question is a perfect cube (all sides are equal in length), then the volume can be calculated with the simple formula a3, where "a" is the length of one of the cube's sides, that is, simply multiply this number (a) with itself, then multiply the result by the same number (a) again (this is why the "a3" calculation is called "cubing"). However, often times not all sides of the ice cube will be the same, in which case it's not a perfect cube but some kind of a rectangular prism. In this case you want to use the formula a * b * c, where a, b and c are the lengths of each of the ice cube's sides. That is, simply multiply "a" by "b", and then multiply the result by "c". If the ice cube is NOT shaped like a rectangular prism at all but is some kind of an irregular/oval shape, the calculations get considerably more complex

What is the difference between the shape of a side view of a triangular prism and the top view of a triangular prism?

the difference between them is one side of a shape is like a cube and the other is a rectangular prism kind of pyrmid.i hope i helped you on Perspectives 16-11 Practice test.The side view is a rectangle and the top view is a triangle.Enter