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It is impossible for exponential growth to continue forever for a few reasons. The population will run out of food, water, and space to live.

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Q: Why is it impossible for exponentional growth to continue forever?
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Why is exponential growth unable to continue forever in populations?

The population loses genetic diversity

Similarities of perpetual bond and no-growth common stock?

no growth in the value and pay interest forever

Can exponential economic growth go on forever on a finite planet?


When can growth of a population continue exponentially?

dominican day :)

Can a species undergo exponential growth forever?

No. It can't even undergo linear growth forever, because it will run out of resources or space. With exponential growth, this merely happens more suddenly. "Exponential" growth refers to doublings. It follows a pattern like this: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024,

Does saltwater affect plant growth?

Yes! Salt in water decreases a plants growth, and can even make growth impossible. This would make an interesting science experiment!

What is population growth called when resources are not limited?

Population growth is referred to as exponential growth when resources are not limited, as the population can continue to increase at an accelerating rate.

Does the uterus continue growth after a fetus dies?

The uterus grow to make room for the fetus. A fetus that doesn't grow - no growth of the uterus.

What comes after a period of a recovery in the business cycle?

The growth phase comes after recovery. The four stages are recession, recovery, growth, and decline in that order. After a recession, the economy has to have time to come back, which is the recovery stage. After it has recovered enough and is stronger it begins to grow. But since the business cycle is cyclical and can't continue to grow forever, there has to be a decline that will eventually lead to another recession.Recover on apexA boom.

What is the percent of growth for ocean engineering?

The demand for ocean engineers is increasing, and will continue to increase.

Does hair growth shampoo work?

Yes, Rogaine works (but only if you continue to use it).

What sort of living thing continue to grow in their lives?

Humans, some plants like trees, and some animals like reptiles and fish continue to grow throughout their lives. This type of growth is known as indeterminate growth, as opposed to organisms that have determinate growth and stop growing once they reach a certain size.