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Consider it a convention. Basically, it doesn't make much sense to register many more digits after a digit that is uncertain. Another common convention is to enclose uncertain digits - often the last two digits shown - in parentheses, for example, 6.67384(80)×10−11 for the gravitational constant in SI units.,

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2014-08-29 15:02:51
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Q: Why is the last significant digit recorded in measurement uncertain?
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What term refers to all the certain digits and one uncertain digit in a measurement?

A term Significant Figure refers to all the certain digits and one uncertain digit in a measurement.

What is the difference between a certain and an uncertain digit in a measurement?

One is certain and the other in uncertain.

What is the first uncertain digit in any measurement?

the last number.

What do the significant in a measurement include?

The significant figures in a measurement include all digits measured exactly, plus one estimated digit.

How many estimated digits are recorded as part of a measurement?

Your measurement should include one estimated digit.

How many uncertain digits are present when some quantity is expressed in significant digit figures?

At most 1.

All the digits known with certainly plus one final digit which is somewhat uncertain or is estimated?

significant figures

How many significant digit are in the measurement 2.00?

3 - assuming the trailing 0s are there for a reason.

In the maesurement 43.52 cm which digit is the most uncertain?

43.52 centimeters (cm) has four significant figures. The final figure in place four of '2' is the most uncertain. This is because the measurement device or calculation may have originally been 43.516 through 43.519 before rounding or due to instrumentation uncertainty.

Why is 5 dogs an unlimited significant digit?

It is not a measurement, therefore, it is infinitely precise. There is no uncertainty in the number.

How many significant digit are in the measurement 589.0540 newtons?

All the digits are significant in this case. A zero between other digits is always significant, and all zeros after the decimal point are significant.

What is the number 493 rounded off to two significant digits?

490 to 2 s.f. Note that when the significance is uncertain, you must specify it (s.f. is an abbreviation of significant figures). You can also underline the last significant digit: 490

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