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Q: Would those qualities by equally esteemed in our times?
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What would you say the qualities deeply esteemed by the people of those time?


After Beowulf story what will you say were the qualities deeply esteemed by the people of those time?

The people of this time were steamed deeply in family loyalty they passed down their legacies in physical things like rings and family crest, family meant everything to them even when his son was beewolf's only son and he was a half serpent half human made him a cabbalistic giants he did not want to kill because he was his own flesh

Is hate a more heinous motivation than revenge?

Hate and revenge have the same qualities, one of those qualities are committing a malice act against someone or something. Hate and revenge both stem from anger so I believe they are equally heinous.

How would you determine whether your candidates had the qualities desired?

That depends entirely on what those qualities are. For each quality you need to figure out how to test for compliance.

Listed by the author as specific virtues among those most esteemed by all in Utopia?


Would you make more friends if you be more kind?

Yes kindness is one the qualities but you need to harness more qualities like listening, giving etc. Those qualities will make you more attractive.

Qualities of a good customer care officer?

There are several qualities of a good customer care officer. Some of those qualities would be making sure the customers are treated with respect, served in a timely fashion, and happy when they leave.

What do guys mean when a guy tells you youd be a great mom?

When a guy tells you, you would be a great mom, he is saying that you have many great qualities mothers have. It could also mean that he is ready for children with you.

Can you be Spiritual without Religion?

Yes, for a person can be born with spiritual qualities. To keep those qualities the person must do good works all the days of their life. It would be unusual for that person not to be involved in religion.

What would the cat be like if it was in the Chinese zodiac?

As the both the domesticated cat and the Tiger are both of the Feline family, I would imagine that it would on the qualities of those born under the Year of the Tiger.

Who gets the estate if both parents die and there is no will?

The children share equally in the estate. If there are any children who predeceased the last parent to die and if those children left children of their own, then those grandchildren would inherit the share that their parent would have inherited and he/she not predeceased.

What is discrimination and what can it do to people?

Discrimination is the recognition of qualities and differences among certain things or persons and making choices based on those qualities.