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using std::cin;
using std::cout;
using std::endl;
using std::tolower;

inline void decToHexOct(unsigned int number, char base);

int main()
cout << endl << "Enter a number: ";
unsigned int number = 0;
cin >> number;

cout << endl << "Choose base:"
<< endl << "h//H for Hex"
<< endl << "o//O for Octal"
<< endl;
char base = 'h';
cin >> base;

decToHexOct(number, base);

return 0;

inline void decToHexOct(unsigned int number, char base)
if (tolower(base) == 'h')
cout << endl << "Number in hex is: " << std::hex << std::showbase << number
<< endl;
else if (tolower(base) == 'o')
cout << endl << "Number in octal is: " << std::oct << std::showbase << number
<< endl;
cout << endl << "Wrong base...";

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Q: Write a C program to convert decimal number into binary hex and octal A function should be used with two integer parameteres first for the number to be converted and second for the base help urgent?
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