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Q: You can compute the slope of a line by using the slope?
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What can compute the slope of a line by using the slope?

A protractor.

When you graph a line using only the slope and a point what step do you start with?

When you graph a line using only the slope and a point, you start by graphing the point.

What is a slope of 0?

A horizontal line has a slope of 0. If you're using the slope formula, then when the numerator is equal to 0 then the slope is 0.

What is the meaning of zero in a straight line?

For a horizontal line, the slope is zero. Using the formula y=mx+b, where m is the slope.

Is the horizontal change the differences in the x-coordinates when computing slope?

When computing the slope of a line, choose two points along the line and do the following: Let's say the points we choose are (1,3) & (2,5). To compute the slope we need to use the slope formula: m = (y1-y2) / (x1-x2). So, using the two points we chose, just plug them into the formula: m = (3-5) / (1-2) = -2 / -1 = 2. Therefore, our slope is 2. These particular points yield the graph, y = 2x + 1.

The slope of the line below is 2 Write the point-slope equation for the line using the coordinates of the labeled point Do not include spaces in your answer?


How do you find point slope form of a line?

By using the equation of a straight line y = mx+b whereas m is the slope of the line and b is the y intercept

What type of line would be impossible to find using the point slope form method?

A line whose slope is not constant or not defined. A curved line, a discontinuous line, a vertical line are some examples.

What is the equation of a horizontal and a vertical line using standard slope form?

We usually denote the slope of a line as M. Horizontal lines have a slope of zero. Mhorizontal line = 0 Verticle lines have a slope that is undefined. Note that the slope is not infinite, but is undefined. Mvertical line = undefined To write the equation of a horizontal or vertical line, we need to know if it's going to be a slope-intercept form or a point-slope form.

How do you graph using point slope?

A straight line on the Cartesian plane

Is a slope found by using any two points in the lines?

The slope of a line can be found by choosing any two points of that single line, not of multiple lines.

What is the slope of the line using (4 -4) (8 -1) (0-7) (-4 -10)?

From the given points the slope of the line works out as 3/4