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Q: Why is an experiment better then an observational study?
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What type of experiment is an observational study?

In Vivo

What difference between an observational study and an experiment?

in an experiment, the researcher manipulates a variable

What is the primary difference between an experiment and observational study?

In an experiment, the researcher manipulates a variable.

Unlike an observational study an experiment can prove?

cause and effect

What can an experiment prove that an observational study cannot?

An experiment can help rule out alternative explanations. Thus, it is a stronger research design.

The essence of an experiment as opposed to an observational study is to?

change one or more factors and observe the effects

Does an observational study or a designed experiment allow the researcher to claim causation between and explanatory variable and a response variable?

designed experiment

Why do scientists try to control most variables in an experiment or observational study?

To make "the most correctable solution"

What are the difference between an experiment and an observation?

In an experiment investigators apply treatments to experimental units (people, animals, plots of land, etc.) and then proceed to observe the effect of the treatments on the experimental units. n an observational study investigators observe subjects and measure variables of interest without assigning treatments to the subjects. The treatment that each subject receives is determined beyond the control of the investigator. For example, suppose we want to study the effect of smoking on lung capacity in women. Summary: 1.The main difference between observational study and experiments is in the way the observation is done. 2.In an experiment, the researcher will undertake some experiment and not just make observations. In observational study, the researcher simply makes an observation and arrives at a conclusion. 3.In observational study, no experiment is conducted. In this type of study the researcher relies more on data collected. 4.In an experiment, the researcher observes things through various studies. 5.There is human intervention in experiments whereas there is no human intervention in observational study. 6.Hawthorne studies are a good example for experiments. 7.The study to determine the relation between smoking and lung cancer is a typical example for observational study.

If a researcher wanted to be behind a one-way mirror to watch how preschool children behave naturally he would be doing?

Observational study

What is a superior observational study?

If we're talking about statistics: There is no superior observational study, each study has its advantages and disadvantages.

What is observational study?

in vivo