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-0.46 (+k*pi) radians where k is an integer.

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Q: 6 -3 lies on the terminal arm of an angle The rotation angle to the hundredth in radians is?
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A full rotation?

360 degrees or 2(pi) radians of angle.

Why is clockwise rotation of a terminal angle negative?

In trigonometric terms and diagrams, regular terminal angle rotation is anti-clockwise. This is to keep standards universal across all diagrams.

What two conditions must be met in order to convert angular displacement to linear displacement?

To convert angular displacement to linear displacement, you need to know the radius of the circle or rotation and the angle of rotation in radians. By multiplying the radius by the angle in radians, you can calculate the linear displacement.

What is one fourth of a rotation going counterclockwise?

1/4 of 360 degrees = 90 degrees which is a right angle

What is the angle 135 in radians?

There are 2.356 radians in 135 degrees of angle.

The angle of Q represents?

The angle of Q represents the measure of rotation between two intersecting lines or segments. It is typically measured in degrees or radians.

What are different kinds of angle differentiate each angle?

Acute angle in the range (0, pi/2) radians = (0, 90) degrees.Right angle = pi/2 radians = 90 degrees.Obtuse angle in the range (pi/2, pi) radians = (90, 180) degrees.Straight angle = pi radians = 180 degrees.Reflex angle in the range (pi, 2*pi) radians = (180, 360) degrees.Full turn = 2*pi radians = 360 degrees.

An angle that egauls 180 degrees?

If you are looking for an angle in radians, then pi radians equals 180 degrees.

How would an angle in radians be converted to an angle in degrees?

Multiply radians by (180/pi), roughly 57.3, to get degrees.

How do you calculate the length of an arc of a circle?

The length of the arc is equal to the radius times the angle (angle in radians). If the angle is in any other measure, convert to radians first. (radians = degrees * pi / 180)

What is the definition of measurement of an angle?

A complete rotation of a ray around a point is 360 degrees or pi radians. That defines the two common units of measuring angles. The measurement of an angle is the number of such units between the two rays which form the angle.

A wire of length 20cm is bent so as form arc of circle of radius 12cm what is the angle subtended at the center in radians is?

When the angle is measured in radians arc_length = angle x radius. So, 20cm = angle x 12cm => angle = 20cm / 12cm ~= 1.67 radians