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No, it cannot.

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Q: Can 0 be classified as a positive rational number?
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Is 0 a positive rational number?

Zero is rational, but it is neither positive nor negative.

What happens when you multiply any positive number by a rational number between 0 and 1?

Wgat happens whe you multiply and positive number by a rational number between 0 and 1?

Where are the positive rational number placed on a horizontal number line?

above 0

The number -2 0 and 0.4 can all be classified as what type of numbers?

Rational numbers

Is 9 over 0 classified as a rational number?

No. It's classified as an impermissible number. The denominator of a fraction can't be zero, since that indicates division by zero which is 'undefined'.

Is there a smallest positive rational number?

1/infinity? * * * * * Nice idea but unfortunately that is not a rational number, which is defined as the ration of two integers, x/y where y > 0. Since infinity is not an integer, the suggested ratio is not a rational number. The correct answer is that there is no such number. If any number laid claim to being the smallest positive rational, then half of that number would have a better claim. And then a half of THAT number would be a positive rational that was smaller still. And so on.

Is 0 a rational number answer?

Yes.All integers are rational numbers.0 is an integer.Therefore, 0 is a rational number.

Is 0 rational?

0 Is a rational number

What are rational numbers but not negative numbers between negative 6 and positive 6?

They are the infinite number of rational numbers between 0 and +6

How do you find the absolute value of a rational number?

Suppose q is a rational number. Then if q >= 0 then abs(q) = q.If q < 0 then abs(q) = -q [which is positive].

Is zero a whole number and why?

0 is a whole, integer, and rational number. O is whole number because a whole number is every positive number

The number 0 can be classified as?

An integer. It is not positive or negative.