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There are two ways to delete negative thoughts from the mind. The first and the best way is to plant positive thoughts...plant positive thoughts by replacing negative emotions with positive emotions, like hate with love, revenge with forgiveness, fear with courage - you replace negative emotions by positive emotions. And the other way of deleting negative thoughts from the mind is to watch the mind, observe the mind, become conscious that you are not the mind, realize that the mind is a monkey, it's a rascal, it's an enemy. When you realize that the mind is your enemy, then you will fight the mind with the intellect. Whenever it produces a negative thought, you will use the intellect to shoot down the negative thought. This way you will be able to overcome the negative mind.

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focus on better things in your life :)

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Q: How can I delete negative thoughts from my mind?
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How do you get rid of subconscious negative thinking?

One way to get rid of subconscious negative thinking is to practice mindfulness and identify when those thoughts arise. Once you are aware of them, you can challenge these thoughts by finding evidence that contradicts them or by reframing them in a more positive light. It can also be helpful to engage in activities that promote a positive mindset, such as gratitude journaling or practicing self-care.

What is necessary thoughts?

Necessary thoughts are thoughts that is really familiar in our mind . like what clothes would i wear?? what would i eat for breakfast?? it doesnt bring any negative aspects that confuses or mind .it simply answers your daily simple questions

How the positive thoughts and feelings can outweigh the negative thoughts and feelings?

Positive thought can only out weigh negative feelings if you think more positively The more you think of something the more power your give too it. So if you focus your mind on positive thoughts, then you can out weigh the negative Why? because what we focus on we bring about.

Does anyone get a feeling that your mind is racing?

Yes, all the time. We have thousands of thoughts (involuntarily) come into our mind every second of the day and night, we cannot stop them as hard as we try. However, we can control the negative thoughts if we learn how.

Can Prozac help obsessive thoughts?

It can cause obsessive thoughts an dit can help alleviate obsessive thoughts.

Negative Thoughts?

Negative thoughts are unconscious thoughts one may have about themselves, their surroundings, the world or their future.

How do you scan your mind and delete unwanted thoughts?

You may be referring to Meditation. This is a technique that allows the person to calm the mind, relax, and feel refreshed afterwards. I have added a link below to a site that may assist you.

Is the existing reality of thoughts dependent upon your state of mind?

Yes, thoughts can be influenced by one's state of mind. Factors such as emotions, beliefs, and experiences can all affect the nature and content of one's thoughts. For example, a positive state of mind may lead to optimistic thoughts, while a negative state of mind can result in more pessimistic thoughts.

What makes spas special places for relaxation?

Spas provide an acoustically delicate atmosphere that will help calm a racing mind. In return, that will allow said mind keep out negative energy and thoughts.

What is violence against children?

It is called bulling which shows bad and negative thoughts in a persons mind if you are unhappy talk to someone don't abuse children

What do thing in your mind?


What should you do if you are in a state of negative emotions?

If one is in a state of negative emotions, one must flip over from NEP to PEP, from negative energy that is poison to positive energy that is power. We human beings don't realize that our thoughts come from the mind which is a thought factory. It produces thoughts as per the raw material that we feed it. If we feed it negative emotions, negative thoughts will be produced. If we feed it positive emotions, positive thoughts will be produced. Therefore, we should eliminate thoughts like fear, worry, hate, anger, revenge, jealousy, pessimism and we should choose emotions like love, faith, hope, trust, enthusiasm, courage, confidence, optimism, love and forgiveness. These positive emotions will become raw material to produce positive thoughts. And this will make our life positive.