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The three parts to a division problem are: Dividend, Divisor, and Qoutient. To calculate the value of any of the terms, two of the terms need to be known values. To calculate the dividend, multiply the quotient by the divisor.

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divisor x quotient

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Ion know

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Q: How do you find a missing dividend in a division problem?
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How do you find the missing number in a division problem?

to find a missing number in a division problem you need to cross mulp. then add your diviser

How do you use the reciprocal of the divisor to find the answer to a division problem?

Multiply the reciprocal of the divisor by the dividend.

How can you use multiplication to check a division problem?

we can multiply the divisor & the quotient to find the dividend

How do you find the answer to a division problem?

Divide the divisor into the dividend which will result as a quotient and sometimes having a remainder

If you find that a term is missing from a long division polynomial problem how should you write the problem?


If you find that a term is missing from a long division polynomial problem you should write that term with a coefficient of?


How to find the answer to a division problem?

The answer to a division is the quotient

How do you find the answer to division with only having the answer?

how to find the missing numbers in a division math with only having the answer

How do you find missing factor in exponential statement?

divide, long division or synthetic division.

How do we find remainder of two numbers by using addition subtraction multiplication and division?

The remainder of two positive integers can be calculated by first dividing one number (the dividend) by the other (the divisor) using integer division (ignoring any fractional component). Multiply this quotient by the divisor, then subtract the product from the dividend. The result is the remainder. Alternatively, while the dividend remains greater than the divisor, subtract the divisor from the dividend and repeat until the dividend is smaller than the divisor. The dividend is then the remainder.

How do you find a divisor?

make a division problem and find the lowest number

Find a sentence for the word divisor?

The divisor in this division problem is 26.

How can you use facts to find the quotient?

You use basic facts to do the division problem.

How do you find the compatible of a division problem?

I think that you are thinking of the quotient, which is the answer when you divide the two numbers, called the dividend and the divisor. Example: 6 divided by 3 equals 2. The dividend is 6. The divisor is 3. The quotient is 2. Think, how many 3's does it take to make a 6? The answer, called the quotient, is 2. It takes 2 3's to make a 6.

Divisor and remainder is given find the dividend?

quotent X divisor + remainder = dividend

How do you find the answer to a division problem with a rational number?

You may or may not be able to. The diameter of a circle with circumference 10 cm is 10/pi, a division problem. But there is no answer using rational numbers.

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How do you find the missing?

Missing....? But the answer to find the missing is normally either "algebra" or "find another equation to use."

Can a multiplication chart be used to find division facts?

Yes, it can. You would find the divisor in the left-most column and then follow that row over to the dividend. Once you find the dividend, you can trace that colummn up to find out the quotient. For example: In the problem 72 divided by 9 equals what, you would find the 9 in the left column and trace 9's row over to 72. Then you follow the column that you find the 72 in up to find the answer, which will be 8. You can also find the answer the other way. Look for the 9 in the top row and trace its column down to the 72. Once you've found the 72, trace its row to the left-most column to find the answer.

How do you find the answer in division?

You do the division!

Can multiplication help with division?

yes multiplication can help with division because if you find the answer to a multiplication problem use the answer to get the divison.Exanple:32divided by4=8=8x4=32

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How do you find the divisor if you know the quotient is 41 and the dividend is 1681?