How do you make a number an improper fraction?

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Any whole number can become an improper fraction by putting it over one. 9 = 9/1

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2017-07-28 10:55:49
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It depends on the number. If it is a fraction in the range (-1, 1) then you cannot make it an improper fraction.

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Q: How do you make a number an improper fraction?
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Related questions

How can you make 43 an improper fraction a mixed number?

43 is an integer, not an improper fraction nor a mixed number.

What is the improper fraction for 3 45?

There isn't one. You can only make an improper fraction from a mixed fraction, which a whole number with a fraction on its side

How do you make a mixed number in to an improper fraction?

The mixed number consists of a whole number and a fraction. Multiply the denominator of the fraction portion by the whole number and to this product add the numerator of the fraction portion. This value is the numerator of the new improper fraction. The denominator of the new improper fraction is the same as the denominator of the original fraction portion of the mixed number.

Is a mixed number a proper or improper fraction?

Improper Fraction.

How do you make 1and5 over 4 an improper fraction?

You can't make 1 over 4 an improper fraction. The numerator (top number) has to be greater than the denominator (the bottom number) but 5/4 is the improper fraction of 1 and 1/4

How do you make a whole number in to improper fracion?

A whole number to an improper fraction:First lets define an improper fraction. An improper fraction is a fraction at which the numerator (top) is greater than the denominator (bottom).To change a whole number to an improper fraction you simply add a one to the bottom of your whole number. For example, 5 would be 5/1 in improper fraction form. 6 would be 6/1 an so forth.

How do you convert an improper fraction into a real number?

You do not do anything. An improper fraction IS a real number.

How To Change A Number to an improper fraction?

Some numbers are improper fractions and some are not. For example, 1/2 or 0.5 is a number but not an improper fraction. And there is no way in which you can express it as an improper fraction.

What is bigger an improper fraction or a mixed number?

If you are using the same number, then the improper fraction and mixed number are equal.

Is five fifths a improper fraction?

No, it is not an improper fraction. It is a whole number.

Is improper has come out of mixed fraction?

A mixed number can be converted to an improper fraction.

How do you change twelve eights into an improper fraction?

twelve eighths is already in improper fraction, an improper fraction is a fraction which has a numerator (top number) larger than the denominator (bottom number)

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