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I assume you have : 5x - 9 = 3x + 11

This is a single algebraic expression.

Subtract 3x from both sides.

5x - 9 - 3x = 3x + 11 - 3x

2x - 9 = 11

Add 9 to both sides :

2x - 9 + 9 = 11 + 9

2x = 20

x = 10 <-------------------------------------

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If: 5x-9 = 3x+11

Then: 5x-3x = 11+9 => 2x = 20

Therefore: x = 20/2 => 10

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Q: How do you solve the equation 5x-93x 11 and are these simultanous equation if there are no answers on the end of each equation?
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