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The value of a digit in a number is the face value of the digit multiplied by its place value. In the decimal system, the value of the digit immediately to the left of the decimal point is units so that its numeric value is the face value of that digit. The place value of any other digits is ten times the place value of the digit to its right - or one tenth of the digit to its left.

In the binary system, the place value goes up in multiples of 2, in the octal system in powers of 8 and in hexadecimal in 16s. There are also number systems based on other bases.

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Each position has a so-called "place-value" which is 10 times as much as the position one to the right, and one-tenth the value of the position one to the left. Thus, the rightmost position in a whole number, or the rightmost position left of the decimal point, has a place-value of 1, the next position to the left has a place-value of 10, the next one has a place-value of 10 squared, the next one 10 cubed, etc.; the first digit TO THE RIGHT of the decimal point has a place-value of 1/10, the second one a place value of 1/100 (1 divided by 10 squared), etc.For the total value, each digit is multiplied by its place-value, and everything is added up. Normally you wouldn't actually do this calculation, but that's what the numbers we use really mean.

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In any given number - the digit to the far right is the least significant. Each digit to the left is ten times greater.

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Q: How does the position of a number determine its value?
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