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Unless I misunderstand the question, it is a yard (36 inches), which has nothing to do with its width.

A yard of length is always 36", it has nothing to do with the width which could be from 42" to 60".

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Q: How long is a yard of fabric if it is 54 inches wide?
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What is equivalent in linear yard of a fabric 54 wide 36 inches long?

It is simply the length of the fabric so 1 [linear] yard.

How many square feet are in a yard of fabric?

Depends on how wide the bolt of fabric is. A "yard" of fabric will always be three feet long, but it may be varyingly wide.

How many 10 inch' squares from one yard of fabric?

If the fabric is 44 inches wide and 36 inches long (one yard), you will get a maximum of 4 x 3 or 12 10-inch squares.

How much fabric do you need to make a curtain if your window is 36 inches long and 36 inches wide?

36 inches = 1 yard(1 yard long) x (1 yard wide) = exactly 1 square yard.You probably need a bit more to sew hems, make pleats, extend past the glass, etc.

How big is a yard of fabric?

A yard of fabric is 36 inches long by whatever width the fabric is. Typically fabric widths are 36", 45" or 60". Designer fabrics used for making furniture is wider. A yard is a US measurement that would convert to 91.44 cm in the metric system.

How Many fat quarters are in a yard of fabric?

There are 4 fat quarters in a yard of fabric.When fabric comes off the bolt it is stored on, it is folded in half so that the selvedge ends are touching. To cut a fat quarter, a half yard is cut from the bolt of fabric. This half yard is then cut in half along the fold, resulting in a quarter yard of fabric (half of a half is a quarter).The fat quarter is used often in quilting because it provides more usable space for quilters than a standard quarter yard cut. A standard quarter yard is 9 inches wide, by the width of fabric on the bolt (anywhere between 40-44 inches is standard width of fabric). A fat quarter is wider, but less long at 18 inches wide by 20-22 inches long.Even though the fat quarter has a different length and width than a standard quarter yard cut, it still represents a quarter yard of fabric. Since four quarters make a whole, each yard of fabric can be cut into exactly 4 fat quarters.

How do you calculate yards of fabric needed for 22 x 23?

One yard of fabric is 36" long, and varies in width. If you have 45" wide fabric, you need 22" of fabric (less than one yard). The fabric store can help you with that.

How many square inches are in a piece of fabric 12 inches wide by 12 yards long?

The area of a rectangle 12 inches by 12 yards is 5184 square inches, since 12 inches * 12 yards * 36 inches/yard = 5184 square inches.

What is larger a meter of fabric or a yard of fabric?

A yard of fabric is measured at 36 inches. A meter of fabric is 39. something something, just a slight half inch under 40 inches.

How many yards of fabric for 29 x 53?

One yard of fabric is 36 inches. Bolts come in two sizes: 44 inches, and 54 inches. If you need a piece of fabric that is 29 inches x 53 inches, you'll need 29 inches of fabric, or 7/8 of a yard.

How many inches in five eighths of a yard of fabric?

22.5 Inches

What is the difference between a cubic meter vs cubic yard?

A cubic meter is about 7 cubic feet larger than a cubic yard. A cubic yard is 36 inches high, wide and long. A cubic meter is 39.37 inches high, wide and long.