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one square yard would take 9 blocks

and one cubic yard would take 27 blocks,

that is if the question is written correctly

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Q: How many blocks that are 1 foot long on each edge would be needed to fill a cubical box with edges 1 yard long?
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How many blocks with edges 1foot long would be needed to fill a cubical box with edges 1 yard long?

9 cause the volume is 9

How many blocks with edges 1 inch long would be needed to fill a box with all edges 1 foot long?

1 ft = 12 in → question is how many inch cubes fit in a 12 in by 12 in by 12 in cube. 12 small blocks fit across the front of the box in a row 12 rows of these 12 small blocks fit back from the back in a layer of blocks 12 layers of these blocks fit in the box Thus you will need 12 × 12 × 12 = 1,728 blocks.

A cubical box has a volume of 343cubic meters.find the side of cubical box.?

the sides of the cubical box would be 7 meters

How many blocks that are 16 inches by 16 inches would be needed to fill 450 sq feet?

253.125 blocks.

A cubical piece of rubber 2cmx2cmx2cm is found to have a mass of 12g What would be the mass of a cubical piece of rubber of dimension 4cmx4cmx4cm?

96 g

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What is coefficient of cubical expansivity?

The coefficient of cubical expansivity would normally be the cube of the coefficient of linear expansivity unless that coefficient is different in different directions for a material. In that case it would be the product of the linear coefficients in the different directions.

How many 1 ft blocks is needed for a 12 by 20 surface?

When you say 1 foot block, are they square blocks with side equal to 1 foot, in that case you would need 240 blocks

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The only information you've given is that there is a surface with an area of 50,000 ft2. We need to know the size of the blocks to know how many are going to fit. If we assume for the blocks length L and width W, then all we can do for now is assume this formula: 50,000 ft2/L*W = number of the blocks needed

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Yes. All prisms have edges. Edges are defined as where two faces meet. The base of the prism would have 6 edges since the base would be a hexagon. The second base (or the top) would also have 6 edges since it would have to be another hexagon. lastly, there would be 6 edges connecting the 6 vertices of the bases for a total of 18 edges.

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