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There is about 17 quadrillion flies in the world.
That number would be beyond the human capacity to count.

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Q: How many flies are there in the world?
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How many type of tsetse flies are there?

There are 22 different species of Tsetse flies in the world.

How many times can flies fly around the world?

An average fly flyes around the world 12 times a day

Where does Britannia Airways fly to?

Britannia Airways flies to many locations around the world. Locations that Britannia Airways flies their planes to include: Faro, Verona, Orlando, St.Lucia, Goa, and many other locations.

Why are flies in the world?

To annoy you.

How many types of flies is there?

With literally hundreds of thousands of fly species (estimated as 119,500 known species of flies) in the world, it is equally as easy to point out some more favored species. Many species of flower fly larvae, for example, feed on aphids. Flower flies are beneficial to any garden.

What is the purpose of flies in the world?

Flies serve several purposes. They are carrion eaters that help to get rid of decaying matter. They are also quite tasty to many animals, and serve as a good food source.

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How many species of flies are there in the World?

Over a million species or instects are described and many more are not. The answer is probably millions. A link is provided to the Wikipedia article on insects. Surf on over and at least read the first paragraph.

Are there horse flys in Florida?

Yes, there are all sorts of flies everywhere in the world. Horse flies are in Florida. :)

Did Flies live in every country in the world is it true?

It is.

How many flies?


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