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1 cent = 1000 square links.

That is all.

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Q: How many links is one cent of land in India?
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How many meter of land is one cent in india?


How many square meter land is one cent in India?

1 cent = 40.468 square metres.

How many square feet of land is one cent in India?


How many square links in one cent?

1000 links in a cent

One cent land how many square feet?

This question is relating to land measurements in India, especially in south India. In India, one cent is 1/100th of an acre. In square feet, one cent is 435.6 square feet. One 6th of 32 tenths

How many links is one cent of land in Kerala?

1cent(1/100acre)=1000links 1link=0.01 chain=7.92inches varun krishna(TRDCL)

How many square feet of land is 5 cent in India?

5 U.S. cents (square feet) = 0.004645152 m2 U.S. Dollars

How many Square feet of land in 1 cent?

1 cent=432 sq.ft.

How many square feet are there in 5 cent?

The answer is 2178 ft2 (cent ia unit of area from India).

How many square mtr of land in one cent?

1 cent = 40.468 sq metres.

How many sq meter of land is one cent?

1 cent = 40.468 sq metres.

How many cent you 1000 sq feet of land?


How many cent in 1000 sq meters of land in India?

Cent-what? We need something to go by here. 10 000 square meters = 1 hectares. Which means 1000 square meters is 10 centahectares.

How many square meter of land is one cent?

40.5 meters

How many land acres are in India?

India has 707,714,998 acres of land. Another 74,722,937.2 acres is water.

Why does Britain still have so many links with India?

Britain has still contact with India. It is not bad to have them.

What is the meaning and significance of the many symbols on 50 Cent's album?

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How many square feet of land is one cent?

One cent is 1/100th of an acre. In square feet, one cent is 435.540069686 square feet.

What you a value one cent equals India money?

It depends on a cent from which country. There are many countries whose currency includes a cent - including the US, ans the EuroZone countries.

What is India's lay of the land?

The lay of the land in India is: Many forested areas Many hilly areas The Ganges is the largest river in India Northern India homes the Himalayan Mountain Range. Hope this helps!

HOW MANY square is India?

The land mass of India has an area of 3.28million square km.

How many meters are equal to one cent of land?

A metre is a unit of length. A cent is a unit of area. The two units are therefore incompatible.

How many times can you fit the land area of UK into the land area of India?


What are the provision of transfer of property act regarding free enjoyment?

The Transfer of Property Act affects land ownership in India. There are many types of land ownership in India and the free and peaceful enjoyment of land can be complicated when there are others besides the transferor who have an interest. Your question is too broad to answer in this forum. You can read the Act and more about it at the links provided below.

How many countries share a land border with India?


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